Tuesday, April 9, 2019

He sees

All of us have been caught before. 
The moment that we look up and the eyes of someone bearing down on us at the sight of our guilt. 

Some people, it's repeated so often that the shock wears off and is replaced with contempt and anger. Self-righteousness sets in.  A hardening of the soul.

Yet it's not entirely hopeless as long as a prayer can be prayed by at least one person for another.  A prayer is the most powerful thing given to man from God.
On at least one occasion the Disciples couldn't heal someone because of the type of demon involved.  Jesus said to the effect that that kind needs prayer to be dealt with.
Prayer to the One True God. Not Allah.
Through Jesus Christ the Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit. 
Praying is to only be about things. It's about people. Jesus implored His Disciples to pray for the Harvest.  The People.  He prayed to the Father for His Disciples,  not for their clothes or belongings.  He prayed for those who had not seen Him yet...meaning the Christians throughout history since the birth of the Church.  Prayer to the Father through the Son delivers in distress. Delivers answers. Delivers revelations of things unknown.

Prayer also is the pathway to forgiveness.
It breaks down the walls that go up between us and God.  It clears out the clutter in our lives.  Freedom takes the place of shame.

So if you're feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. Stop, let go of it. It's time to be right with God.  Confess it.
You and I were caught long before we ever realized His eyes were upon us.  He's waiting for us to acknowledge it and agree that it is what it is. Forgiveness and mercy are available to all who believe in Christ Jesus for Salvation. It's an unbearable burden for those who do not.
Grace and Mercy are for the Children of God.  The Gift of Salvation is free.  Why suffer for nothing? Come to Jesus as you are.

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