Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Can you fast for 6 days?

Do you fast for 6 days, eat for an hour or so on the 7th, then start fasting again for another 6?

Sounds ridiculous doesn't it?

How far would we get if that's all we did to get by?  Yet that's exactly what most who call themselves Christians are doing.

Jesus did say, while teaching the Disciples to pray "Give us this day our daily bread."
Each day that the Israelites went out to get manna it was there to be recieved. Except for the 7th. God provided enough on the 6th day so as to cover the 7th so that they would rest.

But are you eating more of His Word, the Bread of Life, than what you get on a Sunday Morning?  If not, then why not?
Jesus said He is the bread of life.

You eat physical food 3 or more times a day.  It's to sustain your physical body. 
You don't think your Spiritual body needs food too?  You face Spiritual warfare with no strength, no energy, no wisdom, no knowledge of what's going on and yet cry out to God to save you?

Eating Spiritually is as important as eating physically.  But let us not neglect the other aspects.  Eating is mostly accepted as a social convention too. Most relationships grow well when food is concerned.  How do you expect to have your relationship grow in Christ if you aren't going to Him for bread and water?
He too said that the Spirit brings forth wells of living water.  But why do you neglect talking to Jesus daily? Isn't that part of growing in Christ?

If all this makes you think, then good. Be thinking.  Jesus is not some genie. He's not some Spiritual 911 service when things go south. 

You are to be in a relationship with God. With Jesus Christ.  Going about your day as if He's not there tells Him and the world that you believe you don't need Him all that much.  That you've got it covered.

If anything in the last few years, I am learning just how much I have missed getting to know Jesus more because of my neglect of Him.  Because I wasn't reading His Word. Because I wasn't spending daily time with Jesus. Because I wasn't daily praising Him. It says in the New Testament to speak to one another in Psalms hymns and Spiritual songs. To speak to one another the truth in love.  To build one another up in Christ. 

Where in your life are you doing any of that?  Where?

This will not exempt you from troubles or trials.  A tree planted by the waters does gain nourishment, but it's the storms of life that cause the roots to go deeper and the winds that buffeted it to make it strong.  Not just the sunshine and fair weather.

Can a bird go a day without relying on Jesus? Does it? No it doesn't. Jesus said we were much more important than even a bird.

He loved us enough, and still loves us, to die the most horrible form of death.  We repay Him by going off and doing our own thing all the time?  Like some college kids who only show up at home to raid the refrigerator, get laundry washed, and never see their parents again until the next time?

Think about what you are eating.  Spiritually.  Don't go a day or half day without relying on Jesus.  Quit starving yourself.  Jesus said of the days of Noah people would be lovers of themselves.  Self-centered, self-seeking.  Everyone doing what was right in their own eyes.
Do you run off and always do your own thing only to cry out to God when YOUR plans aren't going well?  Are you wasting the blessings of God on your own lifestyle? Buying the best for you while you neglect God?  Jesus warned that people who did that would have purses full of holes.

Is that you?  Think about your life.
Think about your day today. Think about how much better it would be if you would only include your Savior.


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