Sunday, April 21, 2019

A Day like Today

Today is a day of remembrance.

Today is a day of celebration.

Today only is both to you if your faith is in Christ Jesus as your living Lord.

It isn't about bunnies or chocolate or even eggs. 

It had nothing to do with baskets full of sweet things or gifts.

It has nothing to do with special outfits.

Today is a day to remember the beginning of the end.  Today is a day to remember that when Christ ascended He took with Him every pre-church believer. The 3 day celebration in Sheol would continue in Heaven.  The place He prepared for them was ready.   The Church was born.
The final chapter of humanity was playing out. 

Here we are 2000 years later and the patience of God is still with us.  At any moment the great trumpet can sound or the shout from the Throne of God will be heard. 

I see the ever increasing tolerance in the media towards evil.
I see the ever increasing tolerance in our world towards evil.
What we considered as bad years ago is now tolerated.  It doesn't make it right, it does show that the Bible is true.
We would know what the last days were to be like...and they are here.
More and more sexual sins of ever increasing amounts and it's being publicly defended and accepted.
Oh that it would be on this day we call Easter, the day of remembrance of Christ Jesus appearing to many people as overcoming death and the grave, that it would be today that He would return.

I so long for the return of my Savior. 
I know He is with me now, but to get to go home would be so awesome.

Live your days like that could be the day He returns.  Jesus said that if only the man of the house knew when he was going to be robbed, he would have prepared for it.  Jesus isn't going to be stealing, but He is going to come at an hour we likely won't expect.  Be ready.

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